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Sat May 8 19:51:30 EDT 2010

Sarah, would you please show us what rodeo "LIST" would look like.  I would like to see a sample of the new language I rodeo users would be expected to learn.  Is there a current scripting or markup language or API  that would serve the purpose of comparison for now?

How about an example that would show small circles bouncing around billiard-like and reacting to the presence of eachother (collision and exaggerated gravity).  Maybe add in acceleration and tilt as user inputs.



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On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 6:16 PM, Peter Alcibiades
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> "Peter, you don't need the On-Rev client app to use On-Rev."
> But don't you need the browser plug-in to use the pages you've made?  For
> instance, I seemingly can't get to the parts of your site that are Rev
> based, because of no plug-in.   Or is this a mistake?

My web site is entirely built using On-Rev, mainly as a custom CMS, so
I can edit it easily using just text files and the content gets
formatted automatically.
There are a few revlets available which you will not be able to
access, but they are mainly for demonstration purposes and not
actually a functional part of the web site.
If there is anything else that you cannot access, I would really like
to know what, so I can try to fix it.

> Can you step through it,  you want to make a web app, usable through the
> browser, either on the local machine  or on a local server, or on the On-Rev
> server.  What bits exactly do you have to use from Rev?

The actual Rodeo desktop editor will be built in Rev and the web apps
will rely on using On-Rev servers to do the conversions from the Rodeo
scripting to HTML/CSS/Javascript.

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