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If you don't need to output C than you don't output c.  I don't need gif output but photshop allows it for those that do...

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> If Jerry can pull off an english-like page description interpreter,  
> my eyes are wide open and excited.
> What I have always wanted is a browser that goes way beyond "view  
> source", allowing instead an "edit mode" that allows direct  
> manipulation of page elements in vitro.  Editing might mean resizing  
> a box or the width of a column simply by dragging it.  It might mean  
> typing an english command "bigger font in the title", "no, twice as  
> big as the body text".  It might mean talking while dragging "this  
> video should fade to black as it ends".
> But a first step is developing the translation semantics that work  
> between the base description protocol (XML, HTML5, PostScript,  
> Flash, what ever) and what people do and say when they want things  
> to change.
> I applaud Jerry's effort in this direction!!!!!!

Yes, this indeed seems the direction Jerry and Sarah are headed. And  
from the early stage indications, quite exciting!

> My only frustration is that Rodeo (and other high level solutions)  
> might remove the impetus for RunRev or some xtalk environment to  
> provide a smooth development ramp from the very human xtalk and the  
> very inhuman C and other industry standard binding languages that  
> allow universal publishing to any (or most any) hardware/OS  
> platform.  Exporting source in C would allow xtalk developers to  
> work as humans and publish directly to industry standard compilers.

I'm not anymore a frequent visitor of this list, but I can't remember  
such a feature being asked for in the past. Frankly, I wouldn't want a  
bunch of converted C code. I certainly wouldn't know what to do with  
it. The reason I chose Rev is so I wouldn't have to learn C. 
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