How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

René Micout rene.micout at
Fri May 7 13:27:46 EDT 2010

Yes, I understand for all developpers who want to distribute inside the AppStore.
It is not my case... I said that few weeks ago. I create tools for me, and I want create tools on iPad witch is, I think, a fabulous thing... I understand also that RunRev don't invest only for people like me, we are not numerous enough...
This is my problem... or not...
Bon souvenir de Paris

Le 7 mai 2010 à 18:06, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :

> Rene, you are asking the wrong question probably.  Suppose you find some way
> to bypass the technical legal wording of the restriction.  It is not going
> to help.  You are dealing with a policy which is backed up by the power of
> Apple to reject any app, or any developer, for any, or for no, reason.
> So, find a way around it legally, use it, then get caught due to some coding
> change in the tools that you should be using, in their view, which leaves a
> signature, which your app now does not have, and you get banned.  So your
> investment is up in smoke.
> It is not going to work.  As long as Apple has the mechanism of the App
> store, and control over the tools that it wants used, it can lay traps.  And
> remember, Apple does not care how many false positives it generates.  It
> just tells you to go away, and you're out.
> The smart thing to do is respect their policy.  As Richard says, that is
> unfortunately going to mean the policy that is in effect at this particular
> hour and day.  If it changes tomorrow, well, get ready to respect that one
> too.
> This is what causes, and is maybe designed to cause, the pinch for small
> businesses.  Either you are in the camp, and you follow the rules, and you
> become sort of part of an Apple extended family, and you put in all the
> effort it takes to keep up, or you are out.
> I know organic farmers in the UK who refuse to supply supermarkets.  Yes,
> they can sell a lot of stuff to them.  But they don't want to be owned by
> one.  So they take lower margins and greater uncertainty and sell through a
> variety of channels.  In the end, they feel, its safer and more sustainable
> than having the markets always make you offers you cannot refuse.
> Jerry may be right, joining Apple may be the profitable choice.  I don't
> know.  But what's clear is, if you are going to be in, you have to play by
> the rules.  There is no way around this one, as long as the App Store is the
> bottleneck.
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