How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

René Micout rene.micout at
Fri May 7 05:15:34 EDT 2010

Hello Chipp, Richard, Randall, ... Sorry Tom,
I'm sorry to revive the debate, but, for me, everything is not clear...
I make a supposition — unfortunaly it is a supposition :-( 
I am an expert with RevTalk and Objective C.
I make a tool that allows me to write a project with RevTalk language. I use Interface Builder to create the interface.
I click a "magic" button and all my work turns into a perfect Objective C code.
I enter my new Objective C code (copy and paste) in Cocoa Xcode on my Macintosh and I start construct the application as if I type all with my little hands...
How Apple can prove that I used the language RevTalk to "prototype" my code ?
Am I in this case in violation of § 3.3.1 ? In absolute (towards contract), yes, but where are the proof ?
If I act in this way, I don't see where is there problem...

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