Call to all you one-liners !

Malte Pfaff-Brill revolution at
Sun Jun 27 16:06:35 EDT 2010

Ken wrote:

> So in my eyes, this is a bug in the "is a color" function. BTW: This is
> along with the already existing bug with the function that returns true if
> you just pass a zero to it. And similarly, you can set the backcolor (or any
> other color property) of an object to 0 and not get an error
Well, I beg to differ on describing this as a bug. Many things are colors in rev, not only RGB values. 
Any color name is, HTML Color definitions are and also revs own representations (effective backpixel is a single number for example) are. 
Is a color needs to be able to parse all of those.

2 cents,

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