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Ken Ray kray at
Sun Jun 27 14:16:21 CDT 2010

>> Actually that doesn't solve the original issue - you can set the color to
>> numbers that are greater than 256 and it will still work (try it with
>> "1000,1000,1000" and you'll see what I mean).
> I don't see that as a problem. The "numbers" are modded down to 255
> and setting the color of the button does exactly what I'd expect it to
> in that case.

Well that's where you and I differ - if I accidentally passed "2555" instead
of "255" for one of the integers in a color value, I'd want to be told that
that's an error. This is especially true when the docs for all the color
tokens state "The RGBColor consists of three comma-separated integers
between zero and 255..." So if it's either not an integer or outside that
range, I'd assume I'd receive an error.

So in my eyes, this is a bug in the "is a color" function. BTW: This is
along with the already existing bug with the function that returns true if
you just pass a zero to it. And similarly, you can set the backcolor (or any
other color property) of an object to 0 and not get an error...

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