[OT] Installing Linux fonts

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 15:57:35 EDT 2010

On 06/14/2010 10:33 PM, David C. wrote:
> Thank you Richmond for the care taken with your thoughtful reply.
> I've used a *lot* of different development tools and languages over
> the years and never found a single one that was exactly to my liking
> or to have met all of my felt needs. Whether it be Windows or Linux
> (don't use Macs), Rev by far, meets or exceeds the large majority of
> my needs, expectations and wishes. When I look at the RunRev glass, it
> always seems almost full.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> But, then, I am the chap
>> who when a 4 x 4 hoots at me because I am an extremely careful driver, I stop the car,
>> turn off the lights, and go and have "an intimate little chat" with the driver of the 4 x 4.
>> Bulgarian drivers NOT being the same as drivers in Britain.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Are you certain that you aren't from the part of Texas where I grew up?

Have you ever been to Arbroath? I suspect that may be where a lot of
the original red-necks came from.

> My final "intimate little chat" of that nature resulted in a visit to
> a local hospital having bird-shot picked out my person, from a
> thankfully misplaced shotgun blast some 25 years ago... somehow I
> managed to survive my youth and gained a bit of wisdom about at least
> ONE thing.
> I certainly hope that Bulgarian drivers are neither easily offended or
> in the habit of driving around armed with a loaded shotgun. Just some
> food for thought... ;-)

NO, they don't carry loaded shotguns; most of the bald-headed,
neckless goons who drive the 4 x 4s (gifties from their Mafia
bosses) probably would find it beyond their intellectual capacity
to work out one end of a shotgun from another.

All one really needs to do is abuse then in Doric Scots, as, first of all,
as I drive a 15 year-old beat-up Citroen "Elation" with the steering
wheel on the wrong side (drove it here from Scotland) they expect
English; secondly, when they reply in Bulgarian, I switch into their
language as a way of proving that there is little difference between
gutter Dundonian and gutter Plovdivian; this really "sets the cat 
amongst the
pigeons" and they generally end up apologising . . .  :)

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