Opaque stack resizer

Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Sat Jun 12 07:35:53 EDT 2010

Hi Simon,

> The resize widget on the bottom right of my stack has a colour to it.
> It doesn't match the background of my stack.  Is there any way to
> change this value?  I've cobbled together a script to resize the stack
> by dragging an icon around but the result is less then snappy—it's
> downright sluggish.

the resize widget is a button (if we mean the same thingie)!
So you can just set its "icon" to empty and its "ink" to "noop" and that's it :-)

If you want its icon to have the right color, then you will have to edit the image 
shown in the button or use your own image for this resizer.



Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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