So you CAN build an OS X app from another system...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jun 13 15:15:06 EDT 2010

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Saturday, June 12, 2010, 2:37:05 PM, you wrote:
>> Zipping does work from Windows, which is what I'm doing now (with a note
>> to the user that they have to unzip it; a drag, but I can't find a way
>> around that.
> Got it.
> On an xp box I created an OSX standalone and zipped it.
> I put the zip file into a custom property of a stack.
> I copied the stack onto a flash drive and moved it to a mac.
> I ran the following function on the mac.
> Ditto preserves the executable bit, unzip does not.
> on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
>     local tDestination
>     local tFileName
>     local tTempFile
>     answer folder "Where do you want to place the mac application?"
>     if it is not empty then
>         put it into tDestination
>         put tempname() into tFileName
>         put "binfile:" & tFileName into tTempFile
>         put the uInstallFile of this stack into url tTempFile
>         get shell("ditto -xk" && tFileName && tDestination)
>         delete file tFileName
>     end if
> end mouseUp


I thought ditto was only available to Win users running the Enterprise 
versions with the Unix shell extras.  Does XP home support it?

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