Kensington Trackball Works and Left Clicks in Revolution/tRev

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Jul 23 18:52:29 EDT 2010

Hi all. 

I started having problems with left clicking and since I just updated tRev I assumed (wrongly) that tRev may have cause the problem. If I click quickly above or below the elevator in a scrollbar, nothing happens. If I hold the mouse a bit longer like a half second or so, it seems to catch up and work. If I use another mouse all works fine. The problem occurs only when I use the Kensington Trackball. Not critical, but a bit annoying, and maybe an indicator that there may be some kind of incompatibility with the Kensington trackball software and Revolution/tRev. 

I know this isn't a backbreaker, and most of you have probably hit the delete button already, but for anyone still reading who has a Kensington trackball and the latest Kensington software installed, could you let me know of you are having the same problem? This could also manifest itself later in standalones, which I will test shortly. 


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