Rev script editor widow corrupted for a single stack

Jim Lambert jiml at
Fri Jul 23 13:02:04 EDT 2010

Anyone know how to deal with this?

I went to edit the script of a stack and suddenly the contents of Rev's script editor displays, not the script, but a kind of image of parts of the current card!
Quit & restarted rev.
Same thing.
closed the stack
opened another stack - script editor works just fine for that stack.

reopened original stack - script editor wacky again.
Curiously good ole tRev is able to edit the stack's scripts!

this is dp 3.

rolled back to dp 2
that Script editor has no trouble with editing the stack's scripts

I assume this stack has become somehow corruoted BUT only in regards to dp 3's script editor.

Tried 'save as' but problem is inherited by the copy of the stack.

Any one see this before or know how to fix it?
I'm heading into a meeting now will check back in a few hours.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Lambert

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