Rev script editor widow corrupted for a single stack

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Fri Jul 23 13:13:16 EDT 2010

  On 7/23/10 8:02 PM, Jim Lambert wrote:
> Anyone know how to deal with this?
> I went to edit the script of a stack and suddenly the contents of Rev's script editor displays, not the script, but a kind of image of parts of the current card!
> Quit&  restarted rev.
> Same thing.
> closed the stack
> opened another stack - script editor works just fine for that stack.
> reopened original stack - script editor wacky again.
> Curiously good ole tRev is able to edit the stack's scripts!
> this is dp 3.
> rolled back to dp 2
> that Script editor has no trouble with editing the stack's scripts
> I assume this stack has become somehow corruoted BUT only in regards to dp 3's script editor.
> Tried 'save as' but problem is inherited by the copy of the stack.
> Any one see this before or know how to fix it?
> I'm heading into a meeting now will check back in a few hours.

NOT the place for talking about 4.5 developer previews!

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