editing group fails

Reinhold Venzl-Schubert r.venzl-schubert at macbay.de
Thu Jul 22 14:01:35 EDT 2010

Hi Jacqueline,

> create button "newButton" in grp "myGroup"

That's it! The button was created in an instant and it works well

Thanks a lot


> I don't think it's a bug in your stack. Rev updates the IDE for each 
> card when you make background changes (in the application browser, the 
> menus, and maybe after editing a background.) If there are a lot of 
> cards it can take a while, though 700 shouldn't be too terribly bad. 
> Whatever is causing it, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the 
> update process in the IDE. That's why your smaller stack works okay, 
> because the update process is quicker.
> You might be able to get around the problem by not editing the group. 
> Instead, do this from the message box:
>   create button "newButton" in grp "myGroup"
> That will put the button into the group and you can edit it normally 
> without going into group edit mode.
>> My stack "ABC" contains about 700 cards. Now I want to add a new
>> button to the background of all these cards. I start editing group,
>> create the new button and than click on stop editing. And than the
>> rainbowball of Mac OS rotates and rotates without end.
>> I tested an other stack "XYZ". There editing and stop editing groups
>> works well.
>> There seems to be a bug in my stack. What can I do to fix it?

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