Mac vs Win partisanship is unnecessary

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Jul 22 12:21:17 EDT 2010

On 07/22/2010 07:14 PM, Lynn Fredricks wrote:
>> Obviously you haven't yet been properly indoctrinated! I'll
>> create some new copies of my BeOS disks and mail them to you
>> so you can "see the light" and think more clearly about what
>> a true operating system can do. ;-)
>> Speaking of... Rev, when are you going to get that RevX
>> version working on Haiku? I mean, seriously, c'mon! The
>> _true_ power-OS users out here are waiting.
> Heh-heh :-)
> BeOS seems soooo long ago now. It was like a bigger, badder sequel to the
> OpenDoc debaucle. I wrote an article for the BeOS journal on software
> distribution back in the day. And I have to say, Jean Louis Gassée was a
> really nice guy - not what I expected at all. How different things would be
> if Apple had gone with Plan B.
> But - you never know. I thought Palm was dead in the water for quite some
> time (how they managed to go from being the king of the PDA/Smartphone
> market to...what they were earlier in the year is beyond me). I went to
> OSCON yesterday, and got a personal demo of the Aries dev tools for WebOS,
> now in the hands of HP. Really, really impressive.

Let's revive the BBC Micro and strap a
GUI on the front of it:

preferably with everything booting
really quickly from ROM chips.

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