RunRev Script Editor and Linux

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jul 14 22:09:11 EDT 2010

> Tell me, why is there no custom version of gedit for each individual
> distribution? Or Python?   This is a crazy idea.  The problems are not
> because it is insufficiently tailored to one particular distribution that it
> works flawlessly on, the problems are because it does not work properly on
> Linux!

There is no "Linux" per se. Linux is like blocks, modules that people 
snap together at will. Without a known set of variables, Rev is very 
likely to fail in some areas depending on which software the current 
user has installed.

In a past RevUp newsletter, Bill Marriott also talks about the same thing:

The Challenges of Linux

There are literally hundreds of variants of Linux, and while the 
emerging leader on the desktop is Ubuntu, the lack of standardization, 
even within a single distribution, can create headaches for anyone 
wanting to support the Linux platform.

I agree there are problems, we all do. But the obstacles are high.

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