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I have been unavailable since Sunday and have very limited availability
today until tomorrow afternoon. I have answered your support requests
received since Sunday directly and off list. Apologies for the delay.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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> Subject: ListMagic question LMListEdited
> Direct support requests to ListMagic have not been answered. Is it
> still supported? Maybe somebody here can help.
> I'm trying to use  LMListEdited to selectively prevent changes in a
> list widget, . I've edited the card script to include:
> ON LMListEdited pWidget,pItem,pLineNo,pOldValue,pNewValue
>     DisplayPrompt "LMListEdited - item" && pItem && "of line" &&
> pLineNo && "-" && pOldValue && ">" && pNewValue
>     set itemDel to tab
>     put pOldValue into item pItem of line pLineNo of pWidget
> Now I expect that last line to replace ANY entry that's changed; if
> that worked, I'd add conditionals. However, it only occasionally
> works. Exactly what events should trigger the LMtListEdited handler -
> tab, return, enter? Changing the item and clicking elsewhere in the
> field usually seems to work (that is, the change is undone, pOldValue
> replaces pNewValue). How do I get other edits intercepted? A user
> might not click, but press tab or enter instead.
> Thanks.
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