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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jul 11 18:13:57 EDT 2010

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Folks,
> Bundles can have more extensions than just .app. Some bundles that I know:
> .app
> .bundle
> .kext
> .rtfd
> .webarchive
> All the iWork files are bundles (.pages, .key...)
> Dashboard Widgets are bundles too...
> I think the easiest way to detect bundles is to get the folders and treat
> any folder with an extension as a bundle.

I thought of that, but there isn't a good way to 1) know what all the 
extensions might be, and 2) find the extension. I have folders on my 
drive that have dots in their names, and they aren't bundles.

I just spent some time looking at shell commands and I can't find one of 
those either. The "ls" command has lots of options but none that will 
separate out executable app folders from regular files.

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