My naming convention

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Sun Jul 11 16:15:25 EDT 2010

Hi from Beautiful Brittany
(although we will have rain in two days !)

Richmond :

I agree with you (mostly)

David C :

Thanks for that comment! It's gratifying.

Rene  Micout (excuse me if I wax into French) :

Je ne peux pas être plus en accord avec toi - Pour
dire vrai, je voulais secouer le pommier. Bien
sur je veux écrire le plus beau code du monde, et
je sais que je serais depassé par beaucoup sur ce
forum. Mais j'écris chaque script comme si on allait
le publier dans le Monde (avec amour et fierté)

.... pour personne (sniff !)

Damien :

As I haven't written programs in a REAL
development environment for more than 20 years,
I  tend to forget that conventions ARE important.
So I will give you that (freely !).

I once had to update a program written by
a novice (however intelligent), and it was
his first program. He named all his variables
starting with his wife, and proceeding through
the whole of the family, before running out
of names, and so using CHINESE names.

Needless to say, I bailed out !

HOWEVER, without using a complex naming
convention, and using only intelligent
names, which after all, IS THE SIGN OF A
that a comment beats this system.

After more than 40 years of programming,
(20 for the business, and 20 for my pleasure),
I still put a comment on practically EACH line
of coding - although NOBODY will ever see them.

I also remember writing my first professional
program (1967 - in IBM 360 autocoder), and
returning to the Document Library more than 12
months later, to replace my (what I thought)
pathetic programming with a new version, 'cos
I was so ashamed.

Question ! How many of you out there would be
ashamed to show your coding to others ?

I know that I ALWAYS was !

This may be a vital question.

I'm up to 4 cents now. I may go to 6 ..... !


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