Non linear undo in Rev IDE

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat Jul 10 17:53:02 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I am gathering some ideas about:
"How should work a Non linear Undo in Rev?"
Please, participate with your experiences,
ideas and questions.

Your collaboration is indispensable to
create this library.

Notice that after we implement sucessfully
this project using revTalk scripts, it will
be available to use in our own programs.

The most common undo commands
in software is the Memory-dependent
linear undo, that allows to undo/redo
actions based in their execution order
and available memory designated by
user for this specific task.

My experience with Non-Linear undo
comes from my use of Adobe Photoshop:

For Rev, it's feasible to save a copy of
the stacks every amount of minutes and
the Non Linear undo library would compare
the properties of the same object in different
saved stacks and allow to "revert" a single
object to a previously saved state (possibly
allowing to preview the change before applying)

Rev IDE blocks certain messages, like editscript
so i am not sure how to catch scripts changes
before they happen. It's necessary to trap the
script editions to save a stack copy before
editing the script...

Thanks in advance for your comments and ideas!


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