Ideas to simulate a multithreaded sockets server

Marcio Alexandroni marcio at
Sat Feb 27 07:39:33 EST 2010

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the clarification, I forgot the Linux core forks the process
creating other instances of the application, great.

What I'm looking for is a way to have an easy-to-install and portable server
that I can deploy to Linux, Windows and Mac with the same protocol. Today I
have a server written in Delphi, but that I can only deploy to Windows.

Today I have a custom protocol built with TCP/IP that I can rewrite for the
PDAs when I find the right technology for the server.

I just moved to on-rev hosting, so I have access to the irev technology. Do
you have any information on what platforms revServer will be available
(Linux, Windows, Mac?) and how and if it will integrate with web servers
(apache, others?).

Your suggestion on irev is great, I'll start testing on my on-rev host and
wait for the revServer.


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> Subject: Re: Ideas to simulate a multithreaded sockets server
> Marcio,
> Le 27 févr. 10 à 12:31, Marcio Alexandroni a écrit :
>> I visited the page about the mechanism you pointed, but in that case
>> it has
>> an Apache/PHP server that handles multiple concurrent connections
>> but it
>> ends up passing the request to a Rev application using Sockets that
>> will
>> cause the same queuing on message processing.
> No under the linux platform if the rev app is launched in root mode
> without GUI front-end. In this case, each new Apache/PHP request to
> the rev process launches its own sub-thread witch appears as a
> separate httpd thread line in the "Top" controller window. In other
> words, it's not the rev process witch handle the multi-thtrading safty
> but the HTTPd / xinetd one, just in the same way it works for MySQL,
> as an other example.
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