Inserting unicodeText into a unicode string? #2

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Aug 29 09:19:08 CDT 2010

  On 8/29/10 4:43 PM, Peter Brigham MD wrote:
> Mouseup won't get sent if the field is unlocked. Use the 
> selectionchanged message to trigger your handlers.
> -- Peter
'Tis true; but I am inserting chars via a series of virtual buttons 
rather than attempting to type directly into the field;

so my

on mouseUp
     set the useUnicode to true
     set the unicodeText of the selectedText to numToChar(50000)
end mouseUp

will, ultimately, be part of a series of scripts underlying 
images-serving-as-buttons, rather than in the
scroit of the textField itself.

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