Inserting unicodeText into a unicode string? #2

Peter Brigham MD pmbrig at
Sun Aug 29 09:43:26 EDT 2010

Mouseup won't get sent if the field is unlocked. Use the  
selectionchanged message to trigger your handlers.

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
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On Aug 29, 2010, at 7:09 AM, Richmond wrote:

> Imagine a field "fTX" that contains the text 'meaty chunks';
> when I click between 'meaty' and 'chunks' I want to be
> able to insert something there via code rather than via keyboard.
> So, why does this not work; in the script of fld "fTX" ?
> on mouseUp
>  select the text of me
> end mouseUp
> i.e. the text in fld "fTX" is not selected.
> Now:
> 1. How can I get to a situation where when I click in a textField  
> containing text I get this:
> 1.1. the part of the string in the field before the place where I  
> click (or move my cursor) is selected
>      and put into another field (e.g. 'fBEFORE') and the part of the  
> string after the place where I click
>     (or move my cursor) is selcted and put into another field (e.g.  
> 'fAFTER')?
> 1.2. allowing me to INSERT text programmtically between the 2 chunks  
> of the string.
> Something tells me (I dunno what) that I am not being screamingly  
> original and this must be:
> 2.1. Documented somewhere.
> 2.2. Have been done many, many times before.
> 2.3. I am just being 'plain stooopid'.
> Richmond.
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