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With that solution I used, try iterating over lines and replacing on a line
per line basis. It should minimize the overhead and speed up things.


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>> jim,
>> why not this:
>> put fld "list" into tContent
>> repeat for each word tName in tContent
>>  replace tName with (toUpper(char 1 of tName) & toLower(char 2 to -1 of
>> tName))
>> end repeat
>> This will capitalize all your names right?
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> Andrea,
> Thanks for your suggestion. An interesting alternative.
> But don't forget the "container" at the end of the "replace" command. If
> the container is tContent there will be considerable overlap.
> For example, if tName is say "Auburn," a city in our county, and there were
> 1,000 instances of that word (since this is an election DB there will be
> thousands of instances of each city in the county) you will be replacing
> 1000 instance of "auburn" with "Auburn" and doing so 1000 times. That is
> 1,000,000 replacements--most of them of course will be substituting "Auburn"
> for "Auburn."
> What one could do is build a dictionary of the DB and then replace each
> incidence of each word from the dictionary. The advantage of this would be
> that there would be no danger of overlooking a white space that i hadn't
> recognized.  But the down side is that it is VERY slow. I waited an hour and
> it hadn't finished.
> On the other hand, running through each character, even through there are
> 26,631,931 of them, takes only about 40 seconds on my very slow Mac Mini.
> But I only have to do it once for each new release of the election DB, so I
> have no incentive to optimize the script. My only worry, as I said, was that
> I hadn't overlooked some white spaces besides tab, space, enter and return.
> Jim Hurley
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