The power of despeckle-median filters: Image examples

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Thu Aug 26 06:48:12 EDT 2010

For those few on the list that are interested in image processing I have 
put together a web page demonstrating the effects of  "pre-processing" 
images with despeckle-median filters before applying convolve-matrix 

< filters.htm>

Using two images - "St. Remy: Van Gogh's Grove" and "Steve Jobs, the 
iPhone, and Medwedew"- I compare the application of three 
convolve-matrix filters to the pre-processed and un-preprocessed images.

Seems that such combinations of filters can bring out details not to be 
seen in the original image - see the reflections on the iPhone surface - 
and also character traits of persons otherwise not immediately detectable.


Wilhelm Sanke

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