Printing/ Email error in Standalone Application

Brent Summerton Bsummerton at
Sat Aug 21 22:47:23 EDT 2010

Thank you for your suggestions last week.  Started building my application again from scratch.  At the end of Module 1 (of four) I tested the Print function and it worked!

Scenario.  Ten Cards provide theory Training.  Ten Cards provide multiple choice Questions.  Last card has a field named "Results" = 23 Cards.

As a User clicks on an answer each button sends a message line by line to the last cards field named "Results"

on mouseUp--  Each Question of ten sends a message like this
  Play "WellDone!.aif"
  Put "Correct" into field "A"
  Get field "Results" of card "Module1Results" -- Gets Results so far and adds the next Answer to the bottom of the list.
  Put it into A
  Put "Yes to Clean Fridges - " into B
  Put "Well Done!" into C
  Put A  & B & C &Return into field "Results" of card "Module1Results"
  Add 1 to field "Correct" of card "Module1Results"
end mouseUp

On the last Card Module1 Results with a field named "Results" I have a button that says "Print"
revPrintField the long id of field "Results"

At 23 cards in a single Main Stack and printing tested it works fine.  However I proceeded to to do Module 2, 3 and 4 getting up to 118 Cards.  Now printing wont work. Created on Mac 10.6.4 using Enterprise 4.5 - Exported for Windows.

Questions of possible error scenarios I have are:

- Is 118 Cards in a Rev Standalone (Main Stack) too much for Windows to cope with and is this why printing no longer works (28meg file)?
- Should I have each other Module as a Sub Stack instead?
- Could it be carriage returns/ or text formatting that are put into the field that the print command does not like?

Kind regards, Brent.

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