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> I tried it but all it did was repeat what I entered. I didn't see any
> changes.

You have to give it a lot of text so it has some food for the
database. I fed it the text of The Big Sleep and it came up with

    *  I scuttled out after the rain is a young kid." I didn't go very near him.
    * It was a cigarette for me." I had a bad record--probably in high school.
    * "Why should I?" "No reason at all.
    * I was looking for somebody he thought it necessary to tell her who you are." Her very blue eyes gave me another cute glance and went back around the butt.
    * But if you think you can tell me so, but I can't make much money and blow for a spin once in a small button of a man who had gone away.
    * The fingers strained.
    * It was five days since I had a flounced cover.
    * Your husband disappeared and Eddie, knowing everybody knew there had to be in my pocket and started towards the ceiling by three brass chains.
    * He said very quietly: "You talk too damned much," Eddie Mars sighed.
    * I was making out a white frame house was there, light in the coffee cup.

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