Problem with copy groups in standalones

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 18 12:25:14 EDT 2010

tkuypers wrote:

 > I need to duplicate a group of controls into another group and do
 > some things with it afterwards. In the IDE the following works fine:
 >          copy grp "RightPageOriginalNew" to group "PageList"
 >          put it into vNewPage
 > But when I save the app as a standalone, no copy is made and the
 > variable It returns empty...
 > I'm running on Mac, RR version 4.5.0-dp3, but 4.0 gives the same
 > result.

If the stack from which you are copying has been password-protected, 
copying will not be possible because of the security exposure from being 
able to copy objects with scripts into unlocked stacks for viewing.

To copy from a password-protected stack, you can set the stack's passkey 
as needed:

    set the passkey of stack "CopyingFrom" to "MyPassword"

If the stack is not password-protected you should be able to copy and 
paste freely, but as noted by others here the OS will prevent the app 
from saving any changes to itself so if that stack is part of the 
executable you'll need to move to to a separate stack file in order to 
be able to save changes to it.

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