Printing Field contents in RunRev Enterprise 4.5.5

AndyP smudge.andy at
Mon Aug 16 05:24:45 EDT 2010

HI Bren,

I think you need to go back to some basic tests to tie this down.

1. As Mark suggested:
revPrintText "Hello World" 
Does this work? if Yes goto 2. if not you have a problem with Rev so a
reinstall may be in order.

2. Create a new stack with one card.
Place one text box named "Results" and populate with some text.
Add a button and add  
revPrintField the name of field "Results"
to mouseUp

Does this work?.. No then I'm stumped I've tested here and works ok Rev

Yes, elaborate the print function.

3. Replace 2. with this (from your code) 
revPrintText (the htmlText of field "Results"),"Results",the time && the

I've tested and this also works as expected

If 3 works then as Mark as suggested you probably are not specifying the
correct card with the Results field on.

revPrintText (the htmlText of field "Results" of card "mycard"
),"Results",the time && the date

Have tested and this works.

Hope this helps 

Andy Piddock
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