Conversion of large Hypercard Stack to Revolution

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Aug 15 14:38:12 EDT 2010


"wait 0 secs" really should be "wait 0 secs with messages" to have the effect you want.

Stripping the NULLs is an interesting idea, but there is no way to do this inside of HC as far as I know and removing _ALL_ NULLs might break the stack. 

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On 15 aug 2010, at 17:16, Paul Looney wrote:

> Richard,
> We've done a lot of large HC to Rev conversions and have run into the same problem.
> 1. Make sure the original HC stack has been compacted, several times
> 2. Strip all NULLs before import. These can get into the data if a user has pasted text into the HC fields from Word or some other programs. It appears that Rev removes all data between the NULLs.
> 3. Don't use Rev cards for a large number of records, it just won't handle the information in this format as well as HC did. Move to a database - or use a text file for the data.
> 4. Put in some wait states ("wait 0 seconds") in your import routine to let the computer "catch up" and finish processing current information before continuing.
> 5. Don't try to view the information in a Rev field. This will truncate any information beyond approx 64,000 characters in a line. If you view it in a field and then put the field back into the DB, all of the truncated info will be lost.
> Paul Looney

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