Paul Looney support at
Sat Aug 14 10:45:06 EDT 2010

I use revNavigator all the time.
It works fine with Rev 4.0 - and all versions back to 1.1.
I'm glad Geoff has been willing and able to put all the work into  
this that he has, it has been indispensable.
Thanks again Geoff.
Paul Looney

On Aug 13, 2010, at 10:32 PM, Geoff Canyon Rev wrote:

> revNavigator hasn't been updated for several versions, so it's
> entirely possible that the dev environment has changed since I wrote
> it. Or I might just have done a bad job with it ;-) That said it still
> works -- I don't do much work with Rev anymore, but when I do I
> couldn't live without it.
> While I'm thinking about it, I hereby declare revNavigator to be free
> for anyone to use.
> gc

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