get filename broke?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Aug 12 03:04:23 CDT 2010

On 08/12/2010 10:41 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:
> Hey guys, can you do me a quick favor and make sure this is a bug before I
> report it.

Right . . .

> put in msg box:
> go URL ""
> drag an image onto the stack

How do I do that?  Seem unable to DRAG any images onto the stack in 
either Ubuntu or Mac?

Imported an image.

> double-click the image to open prop inspector
> set the filename of the image to any JPG you have on your disk
> now type into msg:
>    put the filename of img 1
> you should get a good path. something like:
> C:/Users/Public/Pictures/Sample Pictures/Desert.jpg

Nothing happens at this point . . .

> Now save the stack, quit Rev, launch Rev and load the stack.
> Now try and set the filename of the image to something else.
> When you do, you should see the filename of the image is now a
> non-path..something like:
> ./../../../Public/Pictures/Sample Pictures/Desert.jpg


> Let me know if this is a repeatable problem for you. I've tested it on both
> the latest RC and the release 4.0 GM Thanks!
> ON CLOSER INSPECTION.. I can set and retrieve the filename from script, so
> it seems the filename button on the Prop Inspector is screwing things up.
> I'll post a bug.

However I think you have written slightly misleading instructions as 
there is NO "filename button"
in my Prop Inspector: what there is, is a SOURCE button . . .

Now when I use the source button (on Mac) stage 1 works,

and, so does stage 2; so, on Mac, at least, this is not buggy.

Everything works OK on Ubuntu Linux as well.

Regards, Richmond.

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