Input methods on Mac interfering with Unicode in RunRev.

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Aug 9 16:40:27 EDT 2010

  I had a chat with Sivakatirswami last night

[Wow; what a sympathetic, easy-going sort of chap . . . would that we 
all could
be like that]

AND . . . and this is where things get 'ugly' . . .

So, my Devawriter (both the Free and the Demo of the Pro versions) 
leverage a non-standard Unicode
Sanskrit font to perform their "magic" (this is a technical term for the 
results of hard work); and that
is jolly good as the Unicode consortium have not made spaces for all the 
thousands of twiddly
characters that Sanskrit-Devanagari features . . .

Now, cut to the chase;

Mac OS X has a system for inputting languages leveraging standard 
Unicode tables;

when I use my Devawriter it swaps over into Macs fairly manky Devanagari 
input system (mainly
because I have selected it as one of the keyboard options on my system . . .

Sivakatirswami, on the other hand, gets the system swapping over to the 
Tamil input system.

Both of these are, frankly, utter nonsense, as Devawriter is meant to 
"do the job" § without
Mac imposing Apple's "vision of multi-script input" on the end-user; it 
also is a pain as it sometimes
interferes when the end-user swaps over, inside Devawriter, to the 
'Edit' card to mess around, and possibly
write something in his/her mother tongue, or any other for that matter.

§ i.e. over ride Mac's own system.

As I am still sitting in London and have no access to RunRev for another 
2 days I would be extremely
grateful if anybody can direct me to some way to work round this problem.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

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