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Mon Aug 9 12:36:59 EDT 2010

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> Hi folks,
> I can’t find this in the docs.
> Let’s say there’s a scrolling field with a few thousand words.
> Is there a way to make some words into clickable links, as in html web
> pages, without using their position?
> Because the text will be lengthy, and changed at various times, I want to
> avoid things like “...set the linkText of word 35429...“
> Thanks,
> Sandy

My tutorial and sample stack "Hypertextannotations" could be of help here:


The stack shows three ways to create such hyperlinks. I use a "glossar" 
in which the "words" (can be more than just one word for one link) and 
the corresponding "annotations" (the text that is displayed in an 
automatically resized field near the link when you click at the link) 
can be edited.

Then you activate all the words of the glossar as links anywhere in a 
text without using their position. When you edit the text that contains 
the links (adding text anywhere or cutting parts of the text) all links 
will be maintained. If there are link words in the added text, just 
activate the glossar one more time.


Wilhelm Sanke


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