Rev/Linux update - for Richmond

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Aug 6 11:13:02 EDT 2010

Andre Garzia wrote:

> Rev is approaching the point where I will simply complete my transition to
> linux and be happy... my ubuntu box is so much more responsive than my mac
> os x box, and both have similar specs.

Yep.  Forgive me for making a "me too" post, but me too. :)

I already use Firefox for browsing and Thunderbird for email, so with 
Rev beefing up its Linux engine the three most common apps I use every 
day are making life in Ubuntu a snap (and in Win7 of course, which I 
keep on dual-boot on my Dell for testing).

And with all the goodies freely available in the Ubuntu Software Center 
just one click away (for those who don't use Ubuntu, think App Store for 
Linux), there's hardly anything I miss when I'm using my Dell these days.

I recently started using Rhythmbox for my music purchases too - lets me 
support Canonical for the good work they've done giving me Ubuntu for 
free, and I get my music in MP3 format ready for my non-Apple music 
player that includes a radio and cost only $20 (after springing extra 
for good headphones I still saved more than $50 on that, and I love 
listening to NPR's business report on FM during the train ride home).

Andrew Kluthe's comments here last month about the relative costs of 
different systems got me thinking, and inspired me to explore new 
hardware options that I'd never considered before having been almost 
exclusively Mac-centric.

I love my Apple gear, but I can't say I mind getting great performance 
at ultra-low prices when I buy for "the other Unix-based OS" and 
spending the difference on a nice weekend on Catalina Island. :)

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