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Fri Aug 6 10:27:49 EDT 2010

Rev is approaching the point where I will simply complete my transition to
linux and be happy... my ubuntu box is so much more responsive than my mac
os x box, and both have similar specs.

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 11:23 AM, Richard Gaskin
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> I got another update this morning from the team on the progress of the Rev
> engine for Linux, and this one's for Richmond:
> <>
> With the screenshot Mark Waddingham noted:
>   To be fair, the visual difference for roman text is mostly nil
>   (or at least will be when I've fixed the slight difference in
>   baselines that seems to have crept in).
>   The linux engine now uses 'pango' to do all its text rendering
>   and font selection/listing - this is the modern approach and
>   means if you install fonts via GTK/Gnome/Fontconfig etc. you
>   actually see them listed in Rev and will be used when requested.
>   In addition, all the font fallback and such works correctly
>   both for unicode text and all the config that distros have
>   invested in 'fontconfig'. The latter, in particular, means you
>   get sensible default fonts for most common typefaces for other
>   platforms (for example, there is rarely actually a 'Helvetica'
>   installed any more, but there is pretty much always Nimbus Sans
>   which is metric and look compatible).
>   I'm not sure what the performance impact of this might be yet
>   - I'm hoping it might fix some of the field performance problems
>   that seem to plague some linux distributions since various
>   things are cached now which weren't before. More testing will
>   be needed to see if this is indeed the case.
> Kevin also noted that some progress has been made in diagnosing the cause
> of the printPaperOrientation issue, but that the solution is "not
> straightforward" so he doesn't have a fix in hand just yet and will try to
> squeeze one in within the couple of weeks.
> Things are looking better each week for those of us enjoying Linux
> deployments. :)
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