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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Aug 5 12:24:52 EDT 2010

Michael D Mays wrote:

 > I think were both wrong.  revMail uses the user's email program
 > to generate an email. The user then can send the email from
 > their email program.

Right: that's how the mailto protocol is usually handled on most 
systems, and unfortunately the way Microsoft handles it is unpredictable 
for all but the shortest messages.

 > It seems like I used Rev some years back to send email via SMTP.
 > If not it was with that other cross platform software.

There are a few SMTP libs floating around in the Rev community, but 
using them may require a bit of diligence as it would require putting 
your account's SMTP authentication into the stack you hand out to clients.

Some years ago Andre found a clever way to send email directly to one's 
SMTP server without such authentication, but as much as I love Andre I 
never felt comfortable with such a scheme to have tried it myself.

For my own needs, a CGI has provided a good mix of flexibility with the 
data I'm sending, the size of the data (thanks to the compress 
function), and the security of knowing it can't be used by spammers to 
send email to other addresses.

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