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After going to Key Ray's site, I found "asup" as code for Application Support constant for OS X. Is this the best place to put your app when you install it on an user's OS X computer? 

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On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:35 AM, Richard Gaskin [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> charles61 wrote: 
> > I have a standalone consisting of a splash stack and an app stack. I have set 
> > up a script that the user can insert some information into two tables - one 
> > for students and one for adults. These tables are on two different cards in 
> > my app stack. 
> > 
> > I have been testing my standalone on Windows XP where it was installed in 
> > the AllUsersAppData directory using an installer program.  I tried the 
> > following script for the card that has the student list: 
> > 
> > on closeCard 
> >    Save "School Report" as "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application 
> > Data" 
> > end closeCard 
> > 
> > But this does not save the data in the two tables!  Any suggestions would be 
> > greatly appreciated!
> When the unexpected happens, it's time for error-checking.   One of the 
> challenges of crafting apps is that when you're being diligent only 
> about half your code will actually do what your app does, and the other 
> half will be all the stuff you add to account for when things go wrong. :) 
> In Rev, most error conditions are reported in "the result" immediately 
> after a command fails, and for I/O and other system-related tasks you 
> may find an additional OS-supplied error code using the sysError function. 
> So to better understand what's happening there you may try adding that 
> to your script. 
> Also, by hard-wiring your paths they won't work on international systems 
> where the spelling may differ, and may not survive changes to the OS if 
> MS changes the names of those folders in a future version. 
> The solution for that is Rev's specialFolderPath function.  Rev provides 
> a variety of constants you can pass to that function to get the path, 
> and pretty much all OS constants provided by the OS vendor can be used 
> as well -- Ken Ray's put together this comprehensive list: 
> <> 
> While Rev doesn't include a built-in constant for that, looking at Ken's 
> list you can use the OS constant instead, which is "35". 
> If you want that to be cross-platform you can use Ken's list to get the 
> Application Support constant for OS X, but for now here's your code 
> modified with specialFolderPath and including the error check which will 
> hopefully help diagnose the issue. 
> A ha!  As I was rewriting your code I noticed that you're specifying 
> only the folder and not the file name, so effectively you're asking Rev 
> to try to turn the stack into a folder, which of course it can't do. 
> The fix for that is included in this revision: 
> on closeCard 
>     Save "School Report" as (specialFolderPath(35)&"/School Report.rev") 
>     if the result is not empty then 
>        answer error "An error occurred while saving the report: "&cr&\ 
>           the result & "("& sysError() &")" 
>      end if 
> end closeCard 
> Note that the ".rev" extension can be changed to anything else you feel 
> might be appropriate for your app. Rev opens stacks based on their 
> internal stucture, and a standalone is not required to use the .rev file 
> name extension to work with stack files, allowing you to define your own 
> document types. 
> If you want to use a custom file name extension you may want to check 
> <> to see if another program may be using it.  That's 
> not a comprehensive list (Microsoft doesn't maintain such an index), but 
> it'll at least help avoid some of the more obvious conflicts. 
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