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> On 8/4/10 7:48 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>  Since I anticipate my imminent removal from this list,
err Sarah, this will not happen, this is not some school club where you get
banned for disagreeing with the president (oh... I just also described the
Brazilian Goverment).

RevServer still not ready, there are many things to polish and your
experience and Jerrys is a good thing. As I've tested, most probably your
problems were due to the virtualization stacks or something similar.

Anyway, that matter is settled, you guys moved on into some other
technology. World will not end, I will still get my beloved feature fridays
for tRev and I will still use your stacks now and the future ones I am sure
you will build.

Arguments here tend to turn into heat waves and mudslinging but we're all
above this. We're all friends and professionals (I am more friendly than

I am doing lots of tests and articles on RevServer believe me, if there are
problems with the engine, I am sure to find them and if I have just one
quality or skill, it is being quite good at diagnosing why software explodes
into my face. I will run profilers, debuggers, hire mediums, drink copious
amounts of tea while shouting, wave my art of programming books in front of
the computer shouting: "The power of Knuth compels you!" but I will find it
and be able to get a recipe. In the following months our engine will be
better if not by tracking down any anomalies then due to our increased
understanding of how to better use it.

People tend to take sides. There are no sides, we're all together here, some
teams faced troubles, others did not, we all share and in the end, I make
the best jokes, oops, thats not how the phrase was supposed to end but
anyway, in the end, it is just another day. Technologies come and go, we use
what we can. I work with PHP daily, you will survive (but loose some sanity
points due to variables needing an $). There are times when I am working
with PHP that I just wish my Revolution engine back, there are times with
RevServer that I wish I could transmogrify a ton of PHP extensions into
RevTalk. All techologies have shortcomings (Except for LISP which is perfect
and perl which is a shortcomming and not a language), you use what you have,
there's no moral judgement in software choices. You have your customers and
decisions to make, no one runs your teams for you. Moving Rodeo to PHP will
deny its presence here on the use-list since it is not related to Rev
anymore but those interested in Rodeo will go to Rodeo list and be fine.
We'll all still use Rev for other tasks.

People sometimes gets very passionated, now, if we could channel that
would be great and better than some threads that been here latelly.

I won't say I will miss you guys because I know you are not leaving... :-)

> Sarah, don't be silly, of course you won't be banned! And I hope you don't
> disappear either, you're one of our greatest assets. I know of only three
> people who have been permanently banned in the last 10 years, and none of
> those cases were for criticisms they made on-list. (One was for physical
> harrassment, for example.)
> I think we need to make a distinction between discussing Rodeo features and
> plans, which belong on its dedicated list, and discussing on-rev
> performance, which is very appropriate here. Your experiences are valuable
> and I see nothing wrong with you replying and describing them. Hearing both
> sides is always the best course.
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