[revServer] process timeout issue

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Aug 3 23:14:52 EDT 2010


Honestly, how can you expect a company to fix a problem when they can't
define the bug? Is that too much to ask for before you throw revServer under
the bus?

I, too, have an on-rev account. But I use if for many things outside of
on-rev, including my wordpress blog http://blog.chipp.com along with a
number of SiteGrinder websites including the still in progress Shafer
Walters Group website at:

(BTW, SiteGrinder rocks!)

I don't use it for Hemingway (our Rev powered CMS) or GadgetPlugins.com
(services all our products and updates to our products). I believe I paid
something like 500 bucks for it at the beginning and nothing since, so I
understand the SLA (or lack thereof) I am receiving. I use dedicated servers
for projects which are, IMO, mission critical to our company and our
clients. Some are hosted at places like Rackspace, other on our own
dedicated hardware at highly secure data centers. And I have some of those
$8.95 a month accounts as well.

I can tell you I've had some lag issues with WordPress and my SiteGrinder
PHP sites at on-rev. When I do, I usually contact Heather or Kevin and
someone somewhere reboots or fixes the machine. That's how it goes at
iPowered and the other hosts as well. I suspect I'm getting about what I
paid for. So, even if the problem is with the on-rev server, it really can't
be fixed until it is identified. That's all I'm saying.

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