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Tue Aug 3 15:40:01 EDT 2010

Hello Gregory,

Out of the irev lib :

1.- To retrieve the cookies datas :

put item itemoffset("firstcookie",$_SERVER[HTTP_COOKIE]) of $_SERVER[HTTP_COOKIE] into rusersid
split rusersid by ";" and "="

2.- To store new cookies along the page to output to the end-user browser (javascript) dynamically populated by the irev lib:

replace "###scwordscawayasid###" with "45485ui5i85485ti5on5545ti57" in tvar (in the reality, some kind of encrypted datas)

2.1.- where tvar contains, at least :

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
sc_words_adv("__firstcookie", "45485ui5i85485ti5on5545ti57");
sc_words_adv("__scecondcookie", "75to48i5tn4n54n74n848r5r85i45o");
sc_words_adv("__thirstcookie", "557i5r448n5785uo5ti5o75u85i");

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Le 3 août 2010 à 21:03, Gregory Lypny a écrit :

> Hello everyone,
> I want to create a simple login form and was wondering whether we have any examples of setting and getting cookies.  I did find a discussion of this on the On-Rev forum dated August 2009, but I'm not sure whether there is anything more recent I should be reading.
> Regards,
> Gregory
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