[revServer] process timeout issue

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Aug 2 12:55:10 EDT 2010

Jerry Daniels wrote:

 > On Aug 2, 2010, at 11:09 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Pierre Sahores wrote:
 >> > Exact : i can see this happen with the early requests to
 >> > woooooooords.com : The first request can, time to time, take
 >> > around 20 secs. to get it's response back to the end-user's
 >> > browser. After this first request, the next ones are always
 >> > back to the user in less than some ticks. Could be a problem
 >> > related to the RAM virtualisation of the RHEL5 host it self,
 >> > httpd.conf, etc... and, please RunRev, we all need to get
 >> > this fixed.
 >> Why not just use the CGI engine in the meantime?
 > If a re-write of revServer code is necessary, why not re-write
 > to another platform where you don't have to worry about timeouts,
 > etc.?

Depends on what one is doing, of course.  RevServer and RevCGI are so 
similar that there's relatively little effort to translate
going from one to the other.

Include statements, open puts, and other sugar can be coded into a 
preprocessor library in under an hour (I had occasion to write a limited 
version of this for the revJournal.com blog which needed on-rev0like 
behaviors but had to remain hosted in my own DreamHost account long 
before RevServer was made available for other ISPs).  Outside of those 
enhancements to the merge function, the rest of the engine is nearly the 

Not all of us have the libraries for automated translation of RevTalk to 
JavaScript and PHP.   :)

Using RevTalk with the CGI engine I have a deployment used by hundreds 
of medical clinics around the world that's been holding up well under 
the load, all RevTalk top to bottom, including a custom search engine 
which would have taken much longer to write from scratch in anything 
else.  With Rev CGI we just took the code we wrote for an earlier 
desktop version, made some minor mods to output HTML instead of plain 
text, and dropped it on the server.

I can't speak for RevServer, but Rev CGI is pretty solid, very 
efficient, and lets folks who use RevTalk write a lot of useful stuff 
very quickly.

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