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Andrew Kluthe andrew at
Mon Apr 12 15:47:48 EDT 2010

Ok, so I had a little handler that deletes all the data associated with any
given lease. It works fine when it is in the mouseUp of a button.

but, the boss would like the ability to double right click on the leaseName
of the grid and delete the lease (and all information attatched to it).

It works fine in deleting the data but my data grid breaks when I put this
into a column behavior. 

After poking around, I found this:

"Don't call a handler that redraws the data grid from within a control in
the data grid
This will generate an error since you are deleting a control that is
currently executing code. This is a no-no and the Revolution engine will
complain and stop executing. You can avoid calling a handler that refreshes
the data grid from within a control by a) using send in time or b) placing
the code in the data grid script itself."

So, if I the handler that the doubleclick calls can't refresh the grid, when
and how can i?
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