Thoughts on fetching data from iRev cgi's (in chunks)

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Check out HTTP Chunked Transfers, it will allow you to output chunks as you
compute them but be aware, I don't know if you can do that with


On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 8:28 AM, David Bovill <david at>wrote:

> What would be the best strategy for fetching a series of pieces of data
> from
> a url call to display the text first and then when ready the images or
> larger binary data?
> What I'd (naively) like to do is:
>   1. Call the cgi  - possibly without using load url
>   2. The CGI returns the text data
>   3. After returning the text data the cgi goes and fetches the binary data
>   - say a dozen or so images and stores them on the server
>   4. Another call to the cgi (or a related cgi) returns the binary data if
>   it has been loaded or "still loading" if it has not fetched all the
> images
>   yet. (could be a load url call and only return the image data)
> At the moment I've been looping through the images and using load url call
> for each one - the logic on the client side gets quite messy on the client
> side and there are often hunreds of url calls going off everywhere, also
> there are cases where I'd like the server to do the asynch work, and not
> the
> client. Does anyone have any thoughts on a good strategy for incrementally
> fetching web data like this down to the client? Some fuzzy questions:
>   1. Is it possible to get a cgi to return data first and still go on and
>   do work afterwords (like fetch and cache the images on the server)
>   2. Any possible uses of Cron jobs here - has anyone scripted cron jobs
>   from Rev?
>   3. What sort of things have people done with delayed action calls in iRev
>   - is ti possible to use send in time or the equivalents?
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