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Sat Apr 10 07:58:40 EDT 2010

Merci pour ces périgrinations culturo-linguistiques !
Bon souvenir de Paris

Le 10 avr. 2010 à 12:25, Richmond Mathewson a écrit :

> On 10/04/2010 12:50, René Micout wrote:
>> I love the Richmond's moods (or rant) ! ;-)
>> But for a no-english person (like me) it is very difficult to understand (ans really appreciate !) ;-) + ;-)
>> René
> You probably don't understand everything I have written exactly
> because I am NOT completely English either . . . :)
> From time to time, for strictly 'stylistic' reasons, I drop into Scots;
> a language misunderstood by the English, even described as an
> "uncouth dialect of English"; which is funny since our Kings spoke it.
> I have the benefits of an English Private School education, and an English
> University education, coupled with many summers' farm work in
> parts of Scotland where Doric Scots still survives. This allows me to
> "code switch" between 'High English' and Scots all the way up and
> down what linguists call a dialect continuum. C'est trop facile pour
> moi . . .  :)
> Francophones might like to think "Gascon" and "Occitan" before
> assuming that because I carry a British passport that automatically
> means that I am either wholly or partly English.
> A quick 'owersettan' follows:
> "but Ah jalouse naebody's clappin their gully lugs til ma scrievins"
> But, I suppose nobody is listening with their big ears to my messages.
> Francophones might like to meditate on the origins of the word 'jalouse',
> and Latin scholars might like to meditate on the origins of the word 'scrieve';
> Anglo-Saxon scholars will have to put up with 'lugs'.
> Spoken languages are rather like RevTalk (err . . . is that the current name?);
> one can ring the changes and achieve wonderful effects: because RevTalk
> (unlike an awful lot of computer languages) is quite flexible and extensible,
> rather like human languages.
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