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David Bovill david.bovill at
Sat Apr 10 11:56:34 EDT 2010

On 10 April 2010 16:36, rand valentine <jrvalent at> wrote:

> Hi, all. I'm somewhat dismayed by Apple's new agreement that seems to me to
> quite clearly lock out RevMobile at present. I have purchased it but not
> even received it yet!

Send an email to support? AFAIK everyone gets an email and a link to a
private site that lets you download the pre-alpha?

And it's not cheap, as you know. I've got a question
> about implementing anything on an iDevice-- say I write a cute little
> program using RevMobile, and just want to run it on my own iPad (which I do
> not presently own :-)) -- is this not possible -- surely the only way to
> get
> anything on your iPad isn't through the Apple Store? How does this work?

Yes - you can install pretty much whatever you want on your own device. It's
all to do with code signing - that is once you have digitally signed your
code the iPhone/Pod/Pad will let you install the software using the free
XCode tools you can download from the developer site. You do need to join
(that is sign up to the Apple Developer web site, and to be able to
digitally sign your app - created with revMobile for instance, you need to
get the right certificates from the Apple Developer web site, and install
them in your downloaded copy of Xcode - it's all documented very clearly on
the Apple Web site and there is this RunRev
but there are a few hoops to go through. It costs $99 if I remember
correctly - and I "think" this is a one off payment - though it may be

While I'm not too sure of the numbers as an individual you can  install on 2
devices (iPhone/POD/Pads) and if you have a company registration up to 100
(that is the one we have so I know a bit more about that one).You are on
safe grounds dong whatever you want in terms of installing your won machine,
that is no-one is going to stop you - but I can;t speak for what the
implications are regarding your warranty, nor have i looked into whether the
license agreement actually prohibits this - it is just that there will be
noone around to stop you - and in general the whole idea is that you are
encouraged to develop and play at low cost all you want - but then put
through the shredder before you can distribute on the App store :)

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