Some problems with background behaviour

planix dr.alistair at
Wed Apr 7 09:56:17 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Runrev 4.0 Build 950 on Windows XP.

I am not sure whether this is a feature or a flaw. For my purposes it is a
clear flaw. But I suspect I am misunderstanding something.

I have set up a card based data information system. Just for my own purposes
and as a learning exercise before I move on to saving info as database,
text, or XML. It consists of a series of stacks which I have conceived of as
tables in a relational dB layout. One stack stores details about clients
whilst another stack stores information about my contacts with them and then
another stores information used to develop reports about clients, and then
another etc, etc. So, I have set up this set of stacks in a 1-to-many
relationship as it is a familiar and logical (to me) way of setting up the
stacks to mimic a relational (somewhat) dB layout.

Each of the stacks has a background layer which is replicated each time a
new 'event' (whether a new client or new client contact or report) needs to
be recorded.

In a number of the stacks I have a group of fields which are used to record
items of a plan (treatment) for the client. As there can be many plans per
client I have set this up so that I can replicate the group, add it to the
bottom of the plan list, and then enter the data. This way, I start with one
group to record the plan, clone it to add another plan, and keep on cloning
to add more plans.

The problem that I have is that when I clone the group this is propagated to
all the cards in the stack. So, if I make a change (adding or deleting a
plan) to one card it is what appears in every card in that stack. I really
don't understand what's going on.

The script for all this is at the stack level. I do wonder if this is the
problem. Should the script that clones the group of fields be at the card
level? Or is there some other more obvious boo boo that I have made. 

Any thoughts would be most welcome.
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