getting info from a Data Grid - which out of three methods is best?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Wed Apr 7 17:03:22 EDT 2010

Imagine you have a Data Grid with data (perhaps 30 - 50 lines).

Now, you want to find all lines where 3 certain columns match given values. Example: you want to find all lines where columnName "firstName" = "Trevor", "food" = "salad", and "meal" = "lunch".

Would you:

1. scan the grid line by line, trying for a value match with data grid commands?

2. get the dgData and loop through the array?

3. get the dgText and loop through the tab delimited data?

(NOTE: We can't really depend on the "filter" command, since it's conceivable columns could change order or position in the future.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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