Array key not working

Glenn E. Fisher gefisher at
Fri Mar 20 18:02:25 EDT 2009

Hi Revers,

I have a strange problem is one of developing stacks...

I am using enterprise Rev 3.0 build 750 on a G5 mac tower.

I have my own plugin that has the ability to display global arrays  
with their keys and clicking on a key will display that array key  
value.  It works great without failure.

In the stack that I'm creating I build some global arrays in an  
openStack handler.

When using the debugger to checkout a script that uses a global  
array,  some keys return empty when the above plugin, using the same  
array gets the arrays value for that key.  I have checked the keys  
for invisible chars and the key is the same in the program debugger  
as in the plugin.  Other keys in same array work ok both places.

My question is, Is there a global property or something that effects  
the key data retrieval in arrays?

I'm pretty much stumped...

Any help is appreciated,


Glenn E. Fisher	University of Houston - Retired
22402 Diane Dr.	Spring, Tx 77373
gefisher at

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