[ANN] The last word in source code documentation!

Damien Girard dam-pro.girard at laposte.net
Mon Jun 29 00:51:19 CDT 2009

Dear Revolution user,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new product, NativeDoc™.

* NativeDoc™ is a source code documentation tool, designed to be fast 
and efficient. It enables you to generate a complete API documentation 
for your Revolution stacks.

* NativeDoc™ allows you to generate an HTML API reference manual from a 
set of documented scripts. The documentation is extracted directly from 
the scripts, which makes it easy to keep the documentation consistent 
with the source code.

* NativeDoc™ uses the standard Doxygen/JavaDoc documentation block 
style, so you don't need to re-learn a new code documentation style.

* NativeDoc™ helps you to avoid being lost inside your projects, and 
enables you to reuse your functions and commands easily for faster 
application development. Also, if you are creating an application for a 
customer, you can include the beautiful API reference manual of the 
application that you have written, without any extra work.

Talk is cheap, let's see some action! here is an example of what 
NativeDoc generates:


And NativeDoc is available at the low prices of 39€ (49$)!

-- Try it for FREE NOW --
Download NativeDoc™ and try it now for free! The free edition of 
NativeDoc™ is limited to only three handlers by objects:


--> Learn more and discover all features on the NEW Dam-pro Website!


Kind Regards,

Damien Girard
Dam-pro, France.

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