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Wed Jun 24 12:47:44 EDT 2009


You asked, "Is the logo final? It's mildly troubling that the two Rs are 
different to each other. Also, is the U an exact vertical flip of the N, and 
a horizontal flip of the V?  That would be neat."

Yes it's final. The R's actually look better this way than if they were 
identically shaped.

The other questions will make their way into an FAQ shortly :)

"Colin Holgate" <coiin at> wrote in message 
news:911F32A1-5A2E-47E3-9614-F704D250691D at
> There were so many questions in the webinar that Bill only managed to 
> cover a small percentage of them. Would it be possible to take the  time 
> to go through the other questions, and answer those too? My three 
> questions happened to be amongst the ones that were past over, and 
> there's no hurry to hear the answers, but the one about the logo is  more 
> time critical.
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